Gutter whitening in Long Island

Gutter whitening in Long Island

Winter storms make heavy weather for your gutters

Do you realize how important your gutters are in the defense of your home? A properly maintained guttering system will protect your home from leaks, damp and the ensuing damage that can take place out of sight, above your ceiling.
Also, a properly maintained gutter is a piece of attractive trim on your house. So it makes sense to keep your gutters white. Well maintained and good looking gutters will also add value to your property.
So, who is the best person to call to find out more about gutter whitening in Long Island?

Too easy: Mike Weyer of Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning is the go-to man for a range of services which include gutter whitening, vinyl fence cleaning and window cleaning.

Majestic Mike and his team of professionals service the Long Island area covering Lloyd Harbor, Halesite, Huntington, Cold Spring Harbor, Dix Hills, Melville, Oyster Bay, Oyster Bay Cove, Syosset, Bethpage, Old Bethpage and Plainveiw.

Mike and his crew have a range of options, whether you want your gutters scrubbed or your awnings cleaned, or maybe you are after vinyl fence cleaning. Whatever it is you need, he has the tools and equipment to thoroughly clean and rejuvenate the exterior of your home.

At Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning, there are several different methods used to attain sparkling results. Two of them are soft washing and high pressure washing.

What is the difference?
• Soft washing – Soft washing is great for surfaces such as painted walls, vinyl fences and shingles. In other words, any surface that might not support high pressure. Using a blend of cleaning agents, soft washing gets rid of dirt and dust. Importantly soft washing will kill off algae and lichen, and prevent rapid re-growth which can sometimes happen with other cleaning methods.
Soft washing is also kind to your garden. But, as cleaning agents are used, Mike and his team always take the added precaution of watering plants after they’ve cleaned.

• High pressure washing – High pressure washing is great for removing heavy dirt and stains from walkways and driveways.This method is particularly recommended after bad weather events such as those that typically occur in winter.
High pressure washing is also effective for cleaning decks, patios, pavements, garden walls and areas around your home where mud or other debris has built up over winter.

What is Pure Water Window Cleaning?

Pure water window cleaning is a method where a continuous stream of ultra purified water is delivered via a soft brush to clean windows. The brushes are attached to telescopic poles so, no matter how high or difficult the window is to access, Mike and the team can get to it without the need for ladders. Detergent is not required meaning there is no residue to attract dust, so the windows stay cleaner for longer!
So, after the long winter, why not call Majestic Mike for an estimate – nothing is better than a spring clean just in time for Spring!