The Four Most Popular Spring Cleaning Options

The Four Most Popular Spring Cleaning Options

Did you know that spring cleaning has been a tradition not just for centuries, but for millennia?! There’s some debate over exactly how it began, but the general consensus is that it originated either as a Jewish tradition for Passover, or a Persian tradition for their new year (which falls in spring). Either way, when you carry out your spring cleaning each year, you’re taking part in a custom that has been going on for thousands of years. We’d say that’s pretty cool!

Here at Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning, we’re also a part of that lengthy tradition! Spring is actually one of our busiest periods each year. Folk all across Long Island – whether they’re living in Plainview, Melville, Huntington or elsewhere – love to smartly enlist our professional help to revitalize their homes after a long winter, and get them ready for the warmer, nicer seasons ahead.

All of our services see an upturn it popularity at this time of year, but there are four which we offer – each of which are perfect for spring cleaning – that really stand out from the crowd. These are driveway cleaning, walkway cleaning, patio cleaning and house washing.

For all of these services, we utilize a careful and highly-trained combination of soft washing and pressure washing. This mixture of techniques achieves fantastic results year in and year out, and has been one of the biggest keys behind our success for the past decade or so. It’s a guaranteed way to revitalize the various parts of your home in a swift, but also extremely careful and safe manner.

We’re well aware that many of you might not know about soft washing; it’s far less publicized than pressure washing, after all. It can actually be a far smarter option, however, because it’s better suited to more delicate surfaces like painted walls. That makes it a perfect method for house washing in particular, as it poses no danger whatsoever to your surfaces. It also happens to be highly effective! The softer approach to house washing completely kills any algae that’s built up, meaning it won’t be making a comeback any time soon (as it might after pressure washing, for example).

As for driveway cleaning, patio cleaning and walkway cleaning, we use a perfectly-measured pressure wash – combined with our professional-grade cleaning agents – to get all of these surfaces looking as good as new again. Weeds, dirt and algae will be blasted away, leaving your walkways, driveways and patios sparkling clean and in perfect condition for the summer.

If you haven’t used Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning before… then what have you been waiting for?! On a more serious note, we know that you might be hesitant to use a completely new cleaning company. That’s why we like to make it nice and clear that we’re fully covered by public liability insurance, and even offer a satisfaction guarantee; if you’re not happy with our results, then just call us within 48 hours and we’ll come right back and sort out whatever the problem is!

We urge you not to take any half-measures with your spring cleaning this year. This might be a tradition that’s been going on for thousands of years… but there’s no reason to think this can’t be the best year yet for spring cleaning!

If you’re based in Melville, Plainview or Huntington, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your spring cleaning needs. To do so, shoot us an email at, or call us on (631) 421-2295.