Try Soft Washing for your Massapequa Home

Try Soft Washing for your Massapequa Home

We’re not sure why exactly, but it seems like – in the home exterior washing business – power washing grabs all the headlines. Perhaps it’s because it looks so fun to do. Perhaps it’s simply because it sounds so cool. Who knows?! 

One thing’s for sure, however: there’s more than one option when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your Massapequa-based property. It may not get as much attention as power washing, but soft washing is absolutely a worthy alternative, which comes with a raft of its own benefits.

Before we get onto those, let’s go through a basic overview of what exactly soft washing is. In short, it’s a much gentler technique than power washing. It begins with the application of detergents, which act as the cleaning agent that will forcibly remove all that unwanted stuff that builds up on the outside of your house: dirt, grime, algae, lichen, and so on.

Once a good covering of the detergents has been applied, the cleaners must wait for a few minutes for them to work their magic. When the waiting period is up, water is sprayed over those areas at a significantly lower pressure than it is during power washing. If it’s done right, then – once everything is cleared up – your beautiful Massapequa home will look as good as new again.

So, why should you choose to order a session of soft washing? Well, this technique has a number of advantages. Firstly, it’s far more delicate than pressure washing, meaning that it can be used on basically any surface with minimal risk of damage. Secondly, it can be carried out entirely from the ground. Here at Majestic, we don’t use ladders any more anyway, preferring to utilize a water fed pole system; if you do opt for another company, however, soft washing removes the need for ladders completely, again reducing the risk of damage to your property.

In both the short and long term, pressure washing also gets your home incredibly clean. The detergents that are used kill off things like mold and mildew at a molecular level, meaning there’s no chance of them returning any time soon. Those detergents basically disinfect the entire outside of your home; if you value cleanliness, you can’t ask for much more than that!

As you can see, soft washing for your home is a pretty great option, wherever you’re based in Massapequa. Now, who should you call to fulfil your soft washing needs?

Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning, of course! Over the course of decades in the soft washing business, we’ve built up a formidable bank of experience on which we can draw. Our soft washing equipment, detergents and techniques have been proven – time and again – to work wonders on the exteriors of people’s homes. Even if you’re not happy with our soft washing once we’ve finished (a very unlikely scenario indeed!), just give us a call and we’ll come straight out again and go back to work.

We’d highly recommend giving soft washing a try. There’s no risk on your part, and it really can work wonders when done properly. To book in a session today, call Majestic on (631) 421-2295, or email us at