What areas do you service?

We offer professional window cleaning and pressure washing services to homes and businesses in most of Suffolk and Nassau counties.  Our service area includes Lloyd Harbor, Halesite, Cold Spring Harbor,  Huntington Bay, Muttontown, Old Brookville, Syosset, Woodbury and Dix Hills.

How does pure-water window cleaning work?

The “water fed pole” system uses long, lightweight telescopic poles to reach your windows, so we no longer need to use ladders for most jobs. Specialist soft brushes at the end of the pole, brush the windows and loosen dirt and dust and the constant flow of purified and de-ionised water flowing through the brush, washes the dirt away.

Because the water is 100% pure and there are no detergents or chemicals used, the glass dries naturally to a streak-free finish. And because there’s no sticky detergent residue left behind, the windows often stay clean for longer!

How much does it cost?

Because every home is different, we usually need to see the property to give an estimate, although if we know your area we may be able to give a ballpark figure over the phone. We are happy to call to your home and give you a quotation – free of charge and no obligation!

Does pure-water cleaning really work?

Yes – so long as it’s done right!

Pure water cleaning takes some training, and a lot of practice, to achieve consistently good results. Unfortunately, some people think that the system doesn’t work after bad experiences with “splash and dash” cleaners.

All our staff are properly trained, and have the experience needed, to make sure they produce perfect results every time. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, just call us within 48 hours and we’ll re-clean the affected areas free of charge.

What about bad weather?

Some of our services can only be carried out in dry weather, but because our window cleaning system is chemical free, rain water does not affect the finish so we do occasionally keep working in light rain without any adverse effects to the quality of the finish.

We offer the same guarantee in the rain that we do any other day. If you’re not 100% happy just let us know within 48 hours and we’ll re-clean the affected windows free of charge.

Are you insured?

Yes! We are fully insured for our peace of mind, as well as yours. We’re happy to supply a copy of our documents on request.

What is soft-washing?

Soft-washing is a method for cleaning external surfaces that might be too delicate for high pressure cleaning such as painted walls, vinyl and shingles. The soft wash system uses a special mix of cleaning agents to quickly and effectively kill algae and lichen and wash away general airborne dirt & dust too.

Because the soft-wash system kills the algae completely rather than just washing away the surface layer, it prevents the rapid re-growth often experienced after high pressure cleaning.

Will soft-washing affect my plants?

No. We are very careful to protect plants and lawns when soft washing and always rinse surrounding areas with water afterwards to ensure no soft-wash detergents remain on your garden.