8 Foolproof Ways to Boost your Home’s Curb Appeal

8 Foolproof Ways to Boost your Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you’re spring cleaning or preparing to sell, boosting your home’s curb appeal is never a bad idea.

Improving the exterior of your home may be easier than you think – even if you’re not a DIYer.

Today, we’re highlighting our top ten foolproof ways to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Buy Planters

Does your home’s entrance look empty and boring? Does your backyard lack features?

You don’t have to do a complete landscaping overhaul to beautify your home’s exterior. Instead, just buy some planters. Buy five planters with colorful flowers or shrubs. Many homeowners are surprised to discover how different their home’s entrance or backyard can look after adding planters.

Rent or Buy a Pressure Washer

You may not have a pressure washer, but now is a good time to rent or buy one. Pressure washing is an easy (and oddly satisfying) way to beautify your home’s exterior.

Regular pressure washing can beautify any home, but it’s particularly valuable if you live in a wet climate where mold and dirt can collect on deck surfaces, driveways, sidewalks, and more.

If you don’t feel like buying or renting your own pressure washer, then consider hiring a professional pressure washing company. These companies own state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment. They can complete the job more quickly and to a higher standard of quality. Plus, there’s less chance of damaging your deck, stucco, and other sensitive materials.

Paint your Front Door

Check color guides online, then repaint your front door to make it pop. If you’re selling your home, then you don’t want to paint the door a dramatic or polarizing color – like hot pink. However, a repainted front door that complements the exterior of your home can add thousands of dollars to the perceived value of your property.

Out of all the tips listed here, painting the front door may be the easiest and cheaper option. With just a small investment in paint and a few hours of hard work, your door will look better than ever.

Rethink your Front Walkway

Some homes have boring walkways. You might have a basic concrete path to your front door, for example, or rickety wooden steps.

Consider adding flat flagstones to your concrete path to give it a modern, fancy look. Surround the pathway with stones, mulch, wood shavings, or other material to help frame your home.

Invest in Your Lawn

70% of homeowners do nothing to their lawns. Investing in basic lawn care, however, can go a long way towards beautifying your home’s exterior. Take a glance around your neighborhood. Inevitably, some houses have bright, green, attractive lawns – while other houses have dull, brown, poorly-maintained lawns.

Invest in fertilizer. Weed your lawn. Spot treat problem areas. Mow it regularly. You can notice a significant difference within weeks.

Buy a New Front Door and Mailbox

If you don’t feel like repainting your front door or mailbox, then consider buying new ones. A rundown mailbox may be the first thing someone sees when pulling up to your home. For around $100, you can get a fancy, high-end mailbox that artfully displays your home’s address and accepts packages. It’s a small change that can have a big impact on curb appeal.

Similarly, a new front door can change the entire exterior appearance of your home. If you have a straightforward front door, for example, then consider adding a front door with a glass feature, a window, or attractive material.

Light the Outside

Lighting your home is easier than ever before. Today, you can buy LED lights that run off solar power, which means you don’t need to dig trenches or string wires.

Place lights in strategic spots around the exterior of your home to light it up at night. Make sure the light shines across the entire front of your home from the curb. Your home will look like the best property on the block at any time of day or night.

Add Shutters to Windows

Shutters have been ‘in’ for a few years. Buying shutters can give the front of your home dimension and significantly increase its curb appeal. If you’re feeling bold, you can also paint your shutters contrasting colors to make your windows pop. It’s an easy and affordable way to make your home stand out to potential buyers.

Clean All Your Windows

We get it. You do your best to clean your home’s windows, but some windows are too hard to reach. You don’t feel like going up on your roof or hauling out the ladder to clean your taller windows or second floor windows.

Fortunately, there are window cleaning companies in your neighborhood that are happy to help. These companies have the equipment – like ladders and safety harnesses – needed to safely and efficiently clean all windows in your home. Consider professional window cleaning an investment into the curb appeal of your home.

Final Word

Improving your home’s curb appeal can be the difference between getting an offer and never selling your home. It can boost a home’s value as much as 20%.

Whether selling your home or just beautifying it, consider implementing the tips above to enhance the curb appeal of any house.