Why Should I Get a Professional to Pressure-wash My Property?

Why Should I Get a Professional to Pressure-wash My Property?

Your house is your most valuable asset and you want it to stay that way, so regular maintenance is a must!

Our weather here in Suffolk and Nassau takes its toll on our properties. The freezing, wet weather in the winter followed by the humid hot weather in the summer provides the ideal conditions for various types of mold, moss and lichen to form on decks, patios, driveways and sidewalks. This makes for treacherous conditions where someone could easily slip and cause themselves untold injuries.

Molds and mosses can form on the exterior walls of our homes, regardless of whether the walls have a plaster finish or whether they are wooden or plastic siding. Before you know it, the mold, moss and lichen is covering your walls, roof and fascia & soffit. In most cases, this is just unsightly but for wooden siding and roof shingles, it can be disastrous and can end up costing a lot to repair or replace.

So why get Majestic Window Cleaning in to do the job? Why not just do it yourself?

Time – Most of the pressure washers that you can buy in stores or hire locally are not as powerful as our industrial pressure washer. This could result in you spending a whole day, or even an entire weekend, doing a job that will only take us a few hours and you still might not get your property as clean. Also, pressure washing can cause damage – our staff are trained to recognise which situations require high pressure cleaning and where low pressure solutions would be preferable, always choosing the correct method for each particular surface.

Safety – Cleaning the roof or the guttering often involves working at height. Trying to control a pressure washer while standing at the top of a ladder can have disastrous results. With over 15 years’ experience in the cleaning industry, Majestic Window Cleaning has the knowledge, experience and equipment to get the job done without taking risks.

Less likely to cause damage – When Majestic Window Cleaning are asked to pressure wash a property, we look at what needs to be cleaned and how dirty it is or how much moss, mold or lichen needs to be cleaned off. Then we decide on the best method to clean each aspect of the job. We choose between either pressure washing (usually used for patios, sidewalks & driveways) or softwashing (usually used for cleaning roofs and guttering). When using the pressure washer, we have the knowledge and experience to know how much pressure is needed to get the job done.

So if you want to get your property looking it’s best again for a special occasion, a family party, to put it up for sale, and you live in the Lloyd Harbor, Halesite, Cold Spring Harbor, Huntington Bay, Muttontown, Old Brookville, Syosset, Woodbury or Dix Hills areas, why not give us a call!
We offer a full exterior maintenance package which includes driveways, sidewalks, decking & patios, fences, walls, the roof and the guttering, fascia & soffit. We can even stain your deck after cleaning!

Call us on 631-421-2295 to get a free, no obligation quotation for a cleaning package tailored to your specific property needs.