Is Power Washing Dangerous?

Is Power Washing Dangerous?

We certainly don’t like to think of ourselves as ‘old’ here at Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning (and we’re not, particularly)… we prefer ‘experienced’, which is a very good thing in the exterior cleaning game! Either way, we’ve certainly been part of the exterior cleaning scene for a good while now here in Long Island – operating in places like Seaford, Massapequa and Wantagh – so we’ve got a pretty good feel for the landscape, to put it mildly!

Amongst all the many exterior cleaning variants, one is far and away the most famous – power washing. It’s comfortably been one of our most popular services here at Majestic for as long as we can remember, and we believe there are a couple of main reasons for this. Firstly, it’s something which a lot of people have actually tried for themselves, often with equipment they’ve bought from a store. Secondly, and on a related note, it looks and feels very cool indeed! Oh, and there’s also the small matter of it being a highly effective way to clean a Long Island-based residential or commercial property, of course, which probably shouldn’t be dismissed!

For all the good things that power washing has going for it, though, the same questions keeps on popping up. ‘Is it safe?’ is the main one, or – to put it more dramatically – ‘is power washing dangerous?’ Again, we know a thing or two about this particular topic, so our response comes from a place of knowledge. Our answer to that latter question is ‘It can be’.

When it comes to power washing and safety, the clue really is in the name. With this exterior cleaning service, the water is fired at the chosen surface at a heck of a rate. While this obviously makes it an extremely effective cleaning method… it also makes it a potentially dangerous one. According to this report, over 6,000 people are injured in pressure washing accidents every year. Given the power which these machines possess, most of these injuries can be pretty graphic in nature, as we’re sure you can imagine. Of course, while your personal safety is of paramount importance, improperly practiced power washing can also cause damage to the properties themselves. Given that the whole point of carrying this out in the first place was to make your property look better – whether in Wantagh, Seaford or Massapequa – this is obviously less than ideal!

So, it’s pretty clear that – in the wrong hands – power washing can be a dangerous proposition. Does this mean that you should avoid it entirely? Absolutely not! You can absolutely still benefit from the many positives that come with power washing; all you have to do is leave it to the professionals, like Majestic! As previously mentioned, we’ve got a tremendous amount of experience in providing professional power washing in Long Island. Most importantly, while we certainly achieve consistently excellent results, we carry out this service in the safest possible way, minimizing the risk to your property and eliminating the risk to your person.

This service can be dangerous, but it’s extremely easy to avoid these dangers by simply calling in Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning, your top option for power washing in Seaford, Massapequa and Wantagh. To do just that, give us a call on 631-421-2295, or send an email to