Power Washing – Don’t Try This at Home!

Power Washing – Don’t Try This at Home!

Whether it’s for our residential or commercial customers, there’s no doubting what our most popular offering is here at Majestic Window Cleaning, and we’d bet it’s the same for the majority of other similar companies. Month after month, year after year, people just keep on coming back for power washing.

It’s easy to see why power washing is so popular in areas like Huntington, Dix Hills and Melville. Firstly, it’s a phenomenally effective technique. Because of the massive pressure (it’s often also referred to as ‘pressure washing’), it can clear up problems that normal cleaning simply can’t. It’s also brilliantly flexible: it can be used equally well on homes and business premises, of all shapes and sizes. In fact, there are very few cleaning jobs that it can’t tackle.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, it is! And yet, still, we unequivocally would not recommend that you use it on your own home or business.

This technique is aptly named: it is extremely powerful. In the right hands, as we’ve mentioned, this can make it a wonderful weapon in the fight against dirt, mold, and all those other horrible, unwanted things which build up on properties. In the wrong hands, however, this power can have serious consequences.

Your property is almost certainly your most valuable asset, whether it’s in Dix Hills, Huntington or Melville, and whether it’s a home or a business. Power washing, done incorrectly, can cause significant and lasting damage to that property.

The number one reason that people try the Do-It-Yourself approach is because they think they’ll save themselves money, by avoiding the hiring of a professional power washing company. Well, we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve seen or heard about this gamble backfiring; those same people have ended up paying a whole lot more to repair their property than they would’ve by just calling in the professionals in the first place.

Of course, amateur power washing can have even more significant consequences; those which don’t involve damage to properties, but harm actually being done to people instead. We won’t get too graphic, but with the amount of pressure that the water is usually being fired out at, these injuries can end up being pretty nasty, as you can imagine.

So, we have to ask you, is it really worth the gamble?! Is it really worth putting not just your property, but your own body – or that of a family member or employee – on the line? Wouldn’t it be easier (and, often, more cost effective) just to call in the professionals in the first place?

We think there are pretty easy answers to all those questions. If you agree with us, we’d love to hear from you today, and schedule in a safe, effective power washing session for your home or business, whether it be in Dix Hills, Melville, Huntington or beyond. To get in touch with Majestic Window Cleaning today, simply call 631-421-2295 now, or email us at mikemajestic66@gmail.com