Powerful Pressure Washing – Why Use The Experts?

Powerful Pressure Washing – Why Use The Experts?

Powerful Pressure Washing: What Is it?

If your home is beginning to show its age due to our extreme weather conditions, pressure washing may be just what it needs to shine once again. High pressure water jets can blast away layers of even the toughest grime & reveal the pristine surface beneath, and the whole exterior of your home can be transformed to look like new again in just a few hours. Majestic Exterior Cleaning provides pressure washing services to the towns of Bethpage, Woodbury and Plainview year round – with expert results.

Maintain the Beauty of Your Home/Workplace

At Majestic, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality results in the most efficient manner possible. Harsh weather conditions can slowly deteriorate the appearance of your property. From strong winds blowing dust particles, to excess rainfall causing unsightly staining on your concrete or walls, or even algae & lichen growth – we at Majestic are here to combat the every day wear and tear with expert pressure washing and house washing services.

“Little and often” really is best

Not only does regular pressure washing maintain the existing beauty of your home or business property, pressure cleaning can also assist in the overall maintenance and working order of your property. Our pressure washing services clean out gutters & sidewalk crevice’s, ensuring proper drainage and preventing future clogs or the possibility of debris causing any sort of issue. By scheduling regular services you can actually save money – it takes us much less time to do a maintenance clean that a full deep clean – and your property will always look its best.

The new kid in town: Soft Washing

If you live in Bethpage, Woodbury or Plainview, you have seen the staining on some buildings – especially on shaded or North facing walls. If you own a home here, you probably also know that many types of siding and stucco can be damaged by high pressure cleaning. This is why we  offer our specialized “Soft-Washing” service.

Soft Washing uses cleansers and detergents to loosen dirt and grime on exterior surfaces like walls an roofs where high pressure cleaning would be too harsh.. This unique mix of detergents is applied to the entire home – left to work its magic for a few minutes, and then gently rinsed away with water, removing all algae & lichen stains with it.

If you’re keen to refresh your home exterior, look no further than Majestic Exterior Cleaning. Contact Us now to find out more!