Expert pressure washing in Dix Hills, Melville & Cold Spring Harbor

Expert pressure washing in Dix Hills, Melville & Cold Spring Harbor

If you live in Dix hills , Melville , Cold spring harbor or anywhere across Long Island, NY, then pressure washing your driveway, patio, footpaths, decks, or other hard surfaces shouldn’t be on your agenda this summer – instead, let it be on ours!

Let us give you the 4-1-1- on the “Who, What, Where, When, & Why” of our professional, reliable, innovative, and local Majestic Cleaning Service!

Who is Majestic Cleaning Service?

Majestic Window Cleaning is a local exterior cleaning service provider based in Long Island, and it is our pleasure to make sure that you don’t have to lift a finger while we handle all of your pressure washing needs. We specialize in both soft washing, and pressure washing, as well as many other exterior cleaning services for your home. We use our commercial grade pressure washing equipment for hard surfaces to really clean deep and remove dirt, grime, dead insects, leaves, and any residue left due to our humidity and coastal climate. We use our soft-washing equipment for less durable surfaces such as timber, stucco, painted surfaces and some natural stones, to lightly and effectively clean, sanitize, and renew the surface!

What services do we offer?

We offer exterior cleaning services to help your property look its best all year round. As well as pressure washing and soft-washing, we also offer house washing, cladding cleaning, gutter whitening, window cleaning and much more! It is our goal to see to it that we leave you 100% satisfied by our professional, reliable, and innovative cleaning service. We have trained our expert staff members to assess each job with great attention to detail to make sure that they do not miss a beat and to ensure that they provide you with the quality you would expect from a professional cleaning service, such as Majestic.

Where do we service?

We service Dix Hills, Melville , Cold Spring Harbor, and the surrounding areas in Long Island, NY.

When do we provide our expert service?

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer our excellent cleaning services all year round! We know that the harsh coastal climate can do a number on our windows and hard surfaces, so we have our doors open all year round to keep your home looking it’s best!

Why do we do what we do?

This is our favorite question, and the answer is really quite simple: YOU! You are our “why” and the reason we do what we do! It is our passion to see to it that you are left feeling 100% satisfied with our work, well-taken care of, and ready to tell your friends about us! When we leave your home, we leave with a smile knowing that we have done something to make your life a little easier, your home a little brighter, and our community a little better.

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