Four Reasons Why You Need to Call in Majestic Windows this Holiday Season

Four Reasons Why You Need to Call in Majestic Windows this Holiday Season

Winter is well and truly upon us now. In areas like Dix Hills, Huntington and Cold Spring Harbor the nights have grown shorter, the temperatures have dropped, and the holiday season advertising has ramped up to formidable levels once more.

At times like this, a person’s thoughts can only turn to one thing… window cleaning! Well, that might just be us; window cleaning is what we live and breathe, after all. Jokes aside, we’re well aware that actually window cleaning is pretty much the last thing in people’s minds at this time. That’s a mistake, pure and simple. In fact, this might just be the time of year in which window cleaning is the most important.

If you’d like to discover why, and furthermore to find out why Majestic Window Cleaning should be your number one choice this holiday season, then read on for our concise four-part explanation!

  • Winter is the Worst for Windows

As we mentioned, we know full well that window cleaning is largely ignored by many people in the winter; it tends to be seen as very much a spring and summer thing.

Unfortunately, what these people fail to realize is that winter is by far the toughest time of year for your windows. Here in Huntington, Cold Spring Harbor and Dix Hills, the weather conditions can get extremely challenging. Repeated rain, wind and even snow can take a heavy toll on your windows, even if you can’t obviously see it. If you fail to schedule regular window cleaning during the winter, you allow the buildup of things like dirt and mold to take place, which can greatly damage the long term health of your windows.

Do your home a favor this holiday season, and take care of it properly, by scheduling in a window cleaning session.

  • Your Home is on Display

The holidays are a time when many of us like to entertain, and we’ll often invite our friends and family to our houses. We hate to sound shallow, but it’s true; just because you haven’t noticed your windows being dirty, giving your home a grubby look, doesn’t mean that they won’t notice! In fact, dirty windows are one of the first things that visitors register on a house they haven’t visited for a while! If you want to create an excellent impression on your visitors this holiday season, then your windows are a great place to start.

  • We’re Innovative

Okay, so we’ve established why it’s important to have your windows cleaned during the holiday season. The only question is, who are you going to call to carry out the big job?

Well, there’s only one correct answer to that: Majestic Window Cleaning. We could drone on all day about why that’s the case, but for the sake of brevity we’d like to highlight one thing: our innovative approach.

Nowhere is this better shown than with our use of pure water cleaning. We utilize a super-smart water fed pole system – which can reach even the trickiest windows on your house – and use water which is completely free of harmful chemicals. That means increased safety for your windows, and a massive reduction in leftover streaks.

  • An Unrivalled Track Record

We’ve been serving the good people of Cold Spring Harbor, Dix Hills and Huntington for over fifteen years now… and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon! We don’t want to boast, but it’s a simple fact that if our work and levels of customer service weren’t consistently outstanding, we wouldn’t have made it this far.

We have a wide range of returning clients, but we’re always looking to welcome new customers into the fold.

If you’d like to arrange some truly impactful window cleaning for your home this holiday season, then please get in touch with us now. To do so, simply message us online here, or call us on 631-421-2295.