Giving you the gift of time for summer fun with your family

Giving you the gift of time for summer fun with your family

“Duck, duck, duck, GOOSE!” WE JUST TAGGED YOU! YOU’RE IT! Don’t let cleaning chores stop you joining in the summer fun – let us clean your home windows for you while you enjoy playing backyard games with your kids! (Or doing whatever else you want to do!) Doesn’t that sound like the perfect summer treat? The kids get popsicles and you get fresh, clean, sparkling windows!

Here at Majestic Window & Exterior Cleaning we understand how to cater to the needs of your family’s home because we are a family run business! We know you want to let the good times roll, so we promise to show up on time, every time, and not to keep you waiting! We are located in Huntington Bay and we also service the areas of Cold Spring Harbor, Oyster Bay, Oyster Bay Cove and Dix Hills, in Long Island, NY. So if that’s where you call home or you live in a surrounding area, let us bring our version of summer to you! Window cleaning party! WOO!

What makes us different? Everyone knows that with fun comes a responsibility to be safe, and that is why we use the “water-fed pole” system in order to ensure safety for our employees and peace of mind for you! But more on that later! We proudly promise our clients to be reliable, to arrive on time because we are locally based, to be professional and deliver quality work, and to continue to deliver the ultimate quality exterior cleaning services!

We love our water-fed pole system! It’s fun to use, it reaches high, hard-to-reach places, and it keeps us off ladders! The ultimate trifecta and perfect to keeping your home windows sparkling clean this summer! Whether it be single story, multi-story, or the conservatory windows way up top, we have you covered! This unique system uses long carbon fibre poles with specialist soft brushes on the ends that constantly have de-ionized water streaming through them in order to loosen and wash away dirt, grime, build up, and dead bugs. Our staff is properly trained on this system and we are so confident that they will deliver what you’re looking for that we backup their hard work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We also offer a professional “soft-washing” service which is popular this time of year. It utilises our pressure washing equipment, but with a delicate, lighter spray jet and our custom “house wash” detergent which is perfect for cleaning external surfaces like siding, roof shingles, painted walls, or vinyl. This system kills algae completely, instead of just washing away what lays on the surface, and this ensures less maintenance!

How do you reach us? For your free quote, you can email or call, 631-421-2295! One of our friendly service representatives is standing by to talk with you!