We know why you need a window cleaning before the holidays

We know why you need a window cleaning before the holidays

We aren’t psychic, but we are experts in our field and are willing to bet that we can predict why you personally need a window cleaning or pressure wash this fall.

For those living in Huntington and the surrounding areas, you’ve definitely noticed the quick transition into fall. We sure have. It feels like summer was just starting but already we are rapidly approaching the holidays. Below is a list of the top three reasons why your home needs a window cleaning or pressure wash before the holiday season:

To complete your fall cleaning routine

There’s no better time to deep clean the house than fall; it’s the time of new beginnings. You may have even already started cleaning out closets and getting rid of household items you no longer need. But what happens when the inside of your home is clean, but the outside still looks like a mess? Let us help you avoid this embarrassing situation by hiring Majestic Window Cleaning to clean your windows and give your home a pressure wash. You’ll feel so accomplished being able to check this off of your fall cleaning to do list.

To prep your home for holiday decorations

It’s getting to be that time of year again. In a few short months, people all around Huntington will start decorating their homes  for the holidays. You and your neighbor will start playing the silent game of who can have the best light display. Or maybe you don’t participate in the house decorating, but some of the other houses on your block do. Maybe your neighbor always has the brightest lights on the street or maybe last year, the family across the street bought one of the decorations that projects multicolored lights onto all of its surroundings. Whether you’re the one decorating or you’re near others who do, chances are that people are going to be looking a little closer at all of the houses on the block. In fact, your house might even be illuminated by yours or your neighbor’s’ lights! There’s nothing worse than being in an environment where everyone is staring at you but you feel unpresentable.

If you haven’t been serviced recently by Majestic Window Cleaning, this could be how your house will feel! As the holiday season is rapidly approaching, we want to help you make sure that your home is ready for all of the extra attention.

To impress visitors who come over for the holidays

If you’re anything like us, during the holiday season, our homes are full of family and visitors. Our kids and grandkids come over for the annual family holiday party, our cousin flies in from out of town and asks to stay with us or our daughter comes home from college with new friends in tow. Regardless, we constantly have visitors coming in and out of our homes.

With so many people, it’s important that our homes are both clean and presentable. What better way to accomplish this than to hire Majestic Window Cleaning to make the outside of our homes pristine and visitor-ready? Visitors and family members will be shocked at how amazing your home looks! Don’t wait until right before they arrive, but rather prepare now! By getting your home serviced in the fall, all you’ll have to do when your family arrives in December is open the door.

Whether you want to complete your fall cleaning to do list, prepare your home for holiday decorations or extra attention or impress visitors with your beautiful home, Majestic Window Cleaning can help! Contact us today.