The Long Island Window Cleaning Service That Reaches Higher

The Long Island Window Cleaning Service That Reaches Higher

A quick wipe of your windows every now and then might remove the worst of the smudges, but there is nothing like the feeling you get after our professional window cleaners have just finished cleaning every window in your home, inside and out. That freshness and sparkle can make your whole home feel brighter and airier – ready for the summer sunshine!

If you live on Long Island you know how the coastal weather can affect your windows, especially after winter storms. Now is the perfect time to get your windows washed ready for summer!
Window washing has been our core business for over 15 years and we’re keen to keep up with the latest tools and equipment that help us give better results quicker & safer – and we’ve recently invested in a new tool that has some of our customers amazed.

Our new pure-water cleaning system utilizes ultra-pure, deionized water to wash windows at height without using ladders or scaffolding. We can now reach higher, and can clean windows that were previously risky or even impossible to get to with ladders.
The system pumps a constant flow of purified water through a small hose leading up a long, lightweight carbon pole which can be height adjusted to reach each specific window up to 60’ high. At the top of the pole is a soft brush head made specifically for window cleaning. The window is sprayed, the brush gently scrubs the glass and frames, and the constant flow of pure water washes away the dirt and grime. But the real magic is what happens next…

Because the water we use has been purified and deionized, we don’t need to dry the glass with a squeegee or towel – the droplets simply evaporate naturally and leave behind nothing but a shine! Because all the impurities were removed from the water beforehand, no spots or streaks are left – and because there is no sticky detergent residue left on the glass, windows can stay clean a little longer too!

So if you want to get your property looking it’s best again for summer and you live in the Lloyd Harbor, Halesite, Cold Spring Harbor, Huntington Bay, Muttontown, Old Brookville, Syosset, Woodbury or Dix Hills areas, why not give us a call!

We also offer a full range of exterior maintenance services including driveway and sidewalk pressure washing, decking & patios cleaning, soft-washing of fences, walls and roofs, and we can even clean your guttering, fascia & soffit so your whole home can feel like new again.
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