Look For Experience in Your Window Cleaning Company

Look For Experience in Your Window Cleaning Company

There are over 7.8million people estimated to be living in Long Island today; a hefty populace, by anyone’s measure. In turn, that means there’s a whole lot of homes that need window cleaning! That might not be the first thing you thought of when you read that statistic, but it’s the way our minds work here at Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning!

Accordingly, there are a whole lot of window cleaning companies out there who would simply love the opportunity to clean the windows of your home, whether you’re based in Huntington, Melville or elsewhere in Long Island. Actually picking one if you’ve just moved here, however, or if you’re simply looking for a change (perhaps if your current company isn’t up to scratch), can seem like a daunting prospect.

Well, it doesn’t need to be. In fact, we’re going to make it very easy for you! If you’re looking for a window cleaning company to hire in Long Island, there’s one factor you should value above all others: experience.

There’s simply no substitute for experience. There’s no shortcut to getting it, and it can only bring positive things with it; there’s no drawbacks to being experienced, in any facet of life really!

From a window cleaning perspective, experience brings its own raft of benefits. Firstly, it means quicker work – there’s no need to size up a new job from every angle, trying to work out how you’re going to tackle it… because the chances are you’ve done very similar jobs before, and you already know what to do!

It also means better results – you can have all the training in the world, but even that can’t compete with simple repetitions; doing the same thing over and over, getting comfortable with it, learning what works and what doesn’t, and so on.

Finally, it means increased safety for your property. Less experienced window cleaners are far more likely to make mistakes, which at best will slow down the window cleaning process, and at worst will cause actual, physical damage to the building they’re working on.

We hope you can start to see just how important experience is in this field of work. We believe that it should not just be a factor, but the factor when you’re trying to decide which Long Island-based window cleaning company to work with.

At Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning, we’re pleased to report that we pass this particular test with flying colors. In fact, we’ve been cleaning windows in towns like Melville and Huntington for nearly 20 years now… we’d say that qualifies as being pretty experienced! In that time we’ve gained an excellent reputation throughout the areas in which we work, which – in turn – has helped us to create a great base of returning customers.

Those two decades of work have also, of course, meant that we’ve built up an enormous bank of window cleaning knowledge, from which we draw on every single job we undertake. We’re equally comfortable cleaning homes and businesses, we operate on buildings of all shapes and sizes, and – above all – we always keep safety as our number one priority.

Don’t spend hours and hours deliberating over which window cleaning company to choose. There’s simply no need to, when you can make the right choice off the bat. Prioritize experience, for all the reasons we’ve listed here; and, in turn, you’ll find Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning to be a perfect choice.

To get in touch with us now, just shoot an email over to mikemajestic@gmail.com, or call us on 631-421-2295.