Majestic Will Help You Get a New Cold Spring Harbor Home

Majestic Will Help You Get a New Cold Spring Harbor Home

Do you ever get house envy? You know the feeling. You’re driving down the street of your Cold Spring Harbor neighborhood, on your way back from the store, and you see that one house in the neighborhood that you’ve been pining after since the owners remodeled. It has the high ceilings, the ornate door- and you can only imagine how beautiful it looks from the inside!

Maybe you dream of a wide spiral staircase or perhaps it’s black marble countertops that fill your fantasies. Unfortunately, we can’t give you this neighborhood dream house. However, we can help you completely revolutionize your home in one simple step. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call Majestic. We have all the tools and products we need to make your home look like new in just a few hours!

At Majestic, we offer window cleaning services to Cold Spring Harbor and the surrounding areas, including Lloyd Harbor and Huntington Bay. We have had countless clients testify that, though they didn’t have these expectations initially, a professional window cleaning by our company made their windows so shiny and beautiful that their entire home felt like new!

This is due in part to the extensive mandatory training that our employees go through and in part to the water-fed pole system that we use to clean windows. This system allows us to reach heights of 60 feet without a ladder, has a brush head attachment for every type of window and uses pure water, which means your windows will be immaculate and streak-free. Pure water has no ions or chemicals and ensures your window remains clean for a long period of time.

Does that home remodel still seem necessary? Did you know that, on average, a home remodel can cost anywhere from $18,000 for a house under 1000 square feet to up to $36,000 for a home that’s 3000-4000 square feet? That’s a whole lot of money to spend on your home, especially when you have other expenses and bills piling up. But you don’t really need to pay this exorbitant amount to make your home feel like new. Maybe you can’t afford the remodel of your dreams, but you can hire a professional from Majestic to clean your windows for a fraction of the price and give your home that “new” feeling that you’ve been wanting so badly.

We would love to service your Cold Spring Harbor home and answer any questions that you may have. If you have any questions that you’d like answered or if you wish to request a free quote, give us a call.