Windows & exterior eleaning for your home.

Windows & exterior eleaning for your home.

If you are local to the areas of Dix hills, Brookville, Muttontown or Huntington Long Island and are looking for one of the best window cleaning services around, look no further! Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning is here for your unique home window cleaning needs.

We have highly trained our team members to be efficient, on time, and extremely professional at every job site they show up at. We are proud to offer careful attention to detail, a high-quality service at a great price, and all the top techniques out there. Majestic has been in this business for over 15 years and we have truly seen it all. We have dedicated all of that time to researching the most unique and effective methods, and we will continue researching as long as our doors are open because we believe in the importance of staying on top of new methods. This way we can continue to strive for the best window cleaning service in Long Island, NY!

Majestic Window & Exterior Cleaning is so confident that you will be happy with what we can do for you that we are willing to put our 100% satisfaction guarantee on every single job. What this means for you is that you are ultimately in control. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the work we have done, all you have to do is let us know within 24 hours and we will re-clean the affected areas as soon as possible absolutely free of charge.

Our work is so important to us that we put our heart and soul into it all year round. That’s right, we operate during every single month of the year, all year long, rain or shine. This means that as long as the weather is safe for us to work in, we will show up at our scheduled time and clean your windows with everything we have in us. We do this with you in mind, to keep your home looking is best during every season- just like it deserves. If you are interested in setting up a routine cleaning, we would be happy to work with you to set a routine schedule so that you do not have to worry about scheduling your next cleaning- it will already be on the calendar! That will eliminate one more thing off of your list to give you time to enjoy the things that are the most important to you.

Most importantly, we believe in the age-old approach of service with a smile. We know that you deserve someone who is going to treat you with respect and we believe that being friendly is a huge part of that! We train our team this way because it is important to us that you get our very best, no matter which one of us shows up at your home to get the job done!

If you are interested in contacting us for more information, please give us a call at 631-421-2295. We truly look forward to speaking with you!