Professional Window Cleaners In Halesite

Professional Window Cleaners In Halesite

Window cleaning isn’t rocket science, but it does take years of training and experience to do it right. If you’ve ever tried to do it yourself, you’ll know I’m not exaggerating.

Mike Weyer at Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning has been honing his art for many years in Halesite and Lloyd Harbor, from Dix Hills to Oyster Bay, Oyster Cove, Syosset, Bethpage, Old Bethpage and Plainview.
What is Mike’s secret? Well, he has a few. Like any true artist he is very particular about his tools. And he keeps up-to-date with the latest technology. For example, his pure-water window cleaning system uses a constant flow of ultra-purified water through a specially designed brush head. The end product is glass that sparkles like the finest crystal.

Mike’s other secret is his band of professional and highly trained staff. These guys and gals consider every gleaming window as a badge of honor. The more awkward and difficult the window, the bigger the badge.

Mike, being the generous artisan that he is, loves to share tips and tricks to keep your windows looking great. Here are his favorites:

• Avoid moving dirt around – According to Mike, the biggest mistake of the would-be window cleaner is that they simply move the dirt around making it impossible to actually clean the windows. Don’t use a cloth or a big wad of kitchen paper. Try a squeegee instead – a squeegee pulls the dirty water off the glass completely leaving nothing behind but a shine.

• Lots of suds doesn’t equal a clean window – Suds look great and many homeowners are convinced a generous squirt of dishwashing liquid will do the job – but more suds just means more build up. The detergent mix Mike uses is a trade secret, but he says that the trick with any detergent is to realize that a little goes a long way. Better still, avoid detergent altogether and opt for Mike’s latest love, his pure water cleaning system mentioned above.

• Don’t leave a trail of lint – The best way to avoid leaving lint as you go is using a squeegee instead of cloths. If you’ve developed some skill, you may be able to copy the fanning and swirling motions a professional window cleaner uses to clean an entire pane without the blade leaving the glass even once. Wipe the squeegee blade with a damp, lint-free cloth between each pane to remove any build up of dirt or suds.

• Go natural – While there are hundreds of cloths to choose from, its hard to beat the natural linen fabric of an expert window cleaners scrim – they are easier to keep clean, last longer and don’t leave marks. Just make sure not to overdo the detergent so that it doesn’t build up in the fabric itself.

Mike knows these tips will help you keep your windows looking great on a day-to-day basis. But he also knows that when it comes to built-up dirt or stains that are the result of bad weather and hard water run-off you really need the help of an artist. That’s where he and his team of window-cleaning professionals come in.

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