Residential House Washing In Huntington

Residential House Washing In Huntington

For the average Huntington resident, the purchasing of a house is the largest investment they will ever make.

We put our life and soul into our homes, and because we love them so much it’s only natural that keeping them maintained is a top priority for most of us. Now, while interior home maintenance may be under control, you probably haven’t devoted a whole lot of time to thinking about how you’ll maintain some of the more awkward aspects of the exterior of your home.

As you might expect, washing the exterior of a house can be a laborious chore if you go it alone, but thankfully our residential house washing service can do it for you. At Majestic Windows and Exterior Cleaning we offer some of the finest exterior cleaning services to Huntington and Lloyd Harbor residents.

Here are some of the amazing services we have to offer.

Driveway Washing
One of our premier services is driveway washing. We would be delighted to thoroughly clean your driveway. This area of your house is often times very difficult to thoroughly clean without specialist equipment, but we have the tools to do the job quickly and achieve great results. We use high powered commercial pressure washers to ensure that every speck of dirt is completely removed leaving your driveway looking fantastic.

Window Cleaning
Window cleaning is our core service, so as you might expect we put a lot of effort into making sure our window cleaning service is always the best available. Our service goes well beyond a simple cleaning that you could easily do yourself – we provide a deep, thorough, and long lasting clean that will leave you smiling long after our team has left. We use advanced tools like pure water cleaning to reach windows that may have been completely inaccessible with ladders.

Patio Washing
Patios are a great place to enjoy a BBQ with family in the summer – but they can quickly deteriorate in the harsh winter months. That is why Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning offers an expert patio washing service with a variety of cleaning methods suitable for any type of stone, deck or concrete surface. We love to see the smiles on our customers faces when they see their patio returned to the almost to the same condition as when it was first installed.

Gutter Whitening
If you have gutters that haven’t been cleaned in the last year, chances are they are starting to get visibly dirty especially on North facing aspects. Green algae thrives in our climate and especially loves shaded areas, so it never takes long before gutters lose their shine. At Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning, we are experts at gutter whitening, and we can wash away the algae & grime to reveal the sparkling white you remember.

Call us today to find out more about our services and to request an estimate for all of your exterior cleaning needs.