A Revolutionary Window Cleaning System 

A Revolutionary Window Cleaning System 

There are many reasons why Dix Hill residents don’t call professional window cleaning companies often enough. Some people forget, others mistakenly believe that they can clean their windows as well as a professional and others are worried.

Some of the common worries we’ve heard include: being worried that no one will be able to reach their tall windows, being worried that if someone did try to reach the windows they’d hurt themselves and others are concerned that ladders used to reach windows of any height would damage the exterior of their home. What if we told you that we have a solution to all of these fears? It’s called the Water-Fed Pole System.

The Water-Fed Pole System is a revolutionary new system taking the window cleaning world by storm. This system is amazing because it allows professionals to clean windows that are over 50 feet above ground without the use of any ladder! That means there is absolutely no risk of damaging the exterior of your Dix Hills home while we clean your windows.

The poles used for the system are lightweight and telescopic, meaning there won’t be any bulky, heavy and dangerous equipment on site. The water-fed pole system has a plethora of brush attachments, including nylon, double trim and foam center brushes. Different types of windows call for different types of cleaning methods, but the water-fed pole system, with its brush head attachments, is perfectly suited to clean any type of window.

Additionally, the water-fed pole system uses pure water to clean windows, which leaves a streak-free finish. Pure water is water that has been de-ionized and is free of chemicals and detergents. The constant flow of pure-water from the water-fed pole system ensures that every bit of dirt and grime is washed from windows and that the windows dry clear. The lack of sticky residue that is typically left on windows when cleaned with store-bought cleaners or non-professional tools is completely absent when the water-fed pole system is used, meaning your windows stay sparkling for much longer.

While the water-fed pole system is incredibly useful, not everyone can correctly operate it. If used improperly, the water-fed pole system can leave the same streaks or residue that would be left from any poor cleaning job. However, all Majestic cleaning staff are extensively trained and have the hands on experience to guarantee brilliant results. While some professional cleaning companies are still cleaning windows with ladders and squeegees, we only use the most modern equipment available.

Majestic is dedicated to its customers- we’re willing to bet that if you try out water-fed pole window cleaning system, you won’t be disappointed. And, if for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with the end result, we will return to clean the windows again within 48 hours free of charge. What’s there to lose? Give us a call today to request a free quote and learn more about our revolutionary window cleaning system.