The Four Pillars of Our Window Cleaning Success

The Four Pillars of Our Window Cleaning Success

Here at Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning, we’ve been cleaning windows for the good folks of Long Island – in places like Huntington and Melville – for over 15 years now. It’s fair to say that we’ve had a pretty good run, but we’re certainly not planning on stopping any time soon!

We definitely don’t want to sound arrogant, but window cleaning is an extremely competitive business to be a part of, and you don’t make it in this industry for that long through sheer luck. You make it, quite simply, through being extremely good at what you do, and through having a clear idea of what your company stands for.

It’s the latter that we’d like to talk to you about today. Since the very beginning, Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning has been built on four core pillars. Those principles have been at the forefront of every decision we’ve made, and we continue to follow them throughout every window cleaning job we undertake.

Here are the four pillars of our window cleaning success here in Long Island:

  • Reliability

We knew from the beginning that we couldn’t rely on constantly attracting new window cleaning customers. Instead, we needed to build up a number of regular, returning customers, from Huntington to Melville.

The key to doing just that? Reliability. Our customers know that we’ll arrive precisely when we’ve arranged to, and will carry out exactly the work we’ve promised to.

Perhaps more than anything else, sheer reliability has been the cornerstone of our success.

  • Born and Bred…

Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning is based in Huntington, and we’re Long Island through and through. We’re a family-run business, with friends and customers (many of whom have become friends!) right across the island.

We know the values and personalities of Long Islanders through and through, because… that’s exactly what we are too!

  • Professionalism

Whilst we certainly put an emphasis on being friendly and approachable with all our customers, we still know when it’s time to put our game faces on.

We take our window cleaning extremely seriously, and strive to always deliver the best results that are humanly possible. We’ll also be sure to treat your windows, and the rest of your property, extremely carefully while we work.

  • Innovation

Having achieved good results since the very beginning, it would’ve been easy for us to sit back and just keep doing what we were doing. Well, we’re not wired like that here at Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning!

Instead, we wanted to keep innovating wherever we could, and finding ways to make our offering even better. This has been reflected both in new techniques that we’ve adapted, and new technology in which we’ve invested.

So, there you have it: the four keys to our window cleaning success. Of course, talking a good game is easy, but we’d love the chance to prove exactly how good we are in person!

Whether you’re based in Melville, Huntington, or anywhere else in Long Island, please don’t hesitate to give Majestic Windows & Exterior Cleaning a shot. To discuss your window cleaning needs today, whether residential or commercial, just send us an email at, or call us on 631-421-2295.