Top 6 Tips to Clean your Windows Like a Professional

Top 6 Tips to Clean your Windows Like a Professional

If you’ve ever had a professional window cleaning, then you know how good it can make your windows look. All of a sudden, you’re walking into your glass doors because they just look so perfectly clean.

How do the professionals clean your windows? Here are 6 tips that will help you clean your windows like the professionals:

Avoid Rubbing with Cloths

One of the biggest differences between professional and amateur window cleaners is what they use to clean the glass. Amateur window cleaners, for example, will take wadded-up paper towels or cloths and rub the windows to remove dirt.

That’s not a good idea. It causes static electricity to build up. You’re also just moving dirt from one spot to another. As more static electricity builds up, it attracts more dust and dirt to the surface. By the time you’re finished, the window looks dirty again.

Instead, do what the pros do: they use a squeegee and other readily available tools. If you’re serious about window cleaning, consider investing in all of the following materials:

-Strip Applicator


-Handheld sponge or hog-bristle brush

Use the Squeegee Correctly

Squeegee experts recommend cleaning windows using a reverse-S pattern. If you’re right-handed, you start at the top left. At the end of each stroke, wipe the squeegee’s blade clean using a lint-free rag. Anything like old linen napkins or soft cloths are perfect for this task.

Don’t Overthink Window Cleaner

If you want to clean windows like a pro, then you might be tempted to buy the world’s most expensive window cleaning solution from your local supermarket.

But many professionals recommend something simpler: they recommend using just a squirt of dishwashing liquid in a bucket of warm water. The fewer suds there are, the better.

Use the Right Sponge or Brush

Natural sponges are particularly good for cleaning windows because they’re firmer and more absorbent than synthetics.

When you’re applying the sponge to your windows, rub each pane from left to right and from top to bottom, working the sponge edges or brush bristles into each corner of the pane to loosen dirt and debris.

Know When to Add More Soap to the Solution

Not sure if your window cleaning solution is actually cleaning the windows? You know you need to add more soap to the water when your squeegee squeaks as it moves down the window.

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Spots

Stubborn window spots are the bane of amateur window cleaners. Stubborn mineral stains often come from hard-water runoff from masonry or from rain falling through metal window screens.

Normal washing and window cleaning can’t erase these spots.

If you’ve got a tough-to-remove spot, then consider gently “super-cleaning” the spot with fine 000 steel wool. Or, consider using a solution like Zud or Barkeeper’s Friend powder, both of which contain oxalic acid. Mix that powder into a paste and use a soft towel to rub away the stains without harming the window beneath.

This will rarely remove the stains permanently. If you want to fix your stain problem permanently, then you’ll need to use a glass surface protectant that acts as a clear polymer coating. After removing the stain, apply the coating with a strip applicator and squeegee it off. Apply the polymer after each regular cleaning and you’ll be protected from stains forever!